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*Welcome to Teaching the Civil War with Technology Wiki*

The following will be links to resources for specific battles. Click on one of the battles or events in the Table of Contents to see resources.


Antietam National Battlefield
Cyberlearning World Page on Antietam
Photo Tour of Antietam
Antietam's Bloody Lane

Appomattox Court House

Appomattox Court House


Chancellorsville National Battlefield

Fort Sumter

Fort Sumter National Monument
The First Shot of the Civil War


Fredericksburg National Battlefield


Battle of Gettysburg Buff -- A great collection of resources for everyone.
Gettysburg National Military Park
John's Military History: Gettysburg -- A nice website with some great photos of the modern battlefield
Gettysburg: Bloody Crossroad -- From Discovery
Gettysburg Daily Blog

Harpers Ferry

Education Materials Packet - this provides a great overview for teachers with resources, original documents, and other source information for history
Links to online text books:
Other curriculum resources such two Jeopardy games:
Educational Programs
General History:


Manassas National Battlefield Park