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Civil War Book Related

Across Five Aprils
Teaching Uncle Tom's Cabin
Across Five Aprils Resources
Across Five Aprils Webquest
Across Five Aprils Study Guide

Curriculum Supplements

HippoCampus Unit on the Civil War --- Scroll down toward the bottom
Civil War Printables and some links\
More Printables from EdHelper
Civil War lapbook templates
Hershey (PA) MS Civil War Related Links

Lesson Plans

The Civil War Preservation Trust Curriculum
PBS -- The Civil War Lesson Plans
Teaching with Historic Places
Teaching American History Program : Lesson Plans and Teaching Ideas for Sectionalism, Civil War and Reconstruction
Civil War Battlefields-Virtual Field Trip
Lesson Plans from the Library of Congress -- Scroll about 1/2 way down the page to see Civil War specific lessons
Civil War Battlefields Lesson Plan (Best Practice in using Technology)
Did You Hear the News
Expository Writing and The Civil War
Collaborative Project on the Civil War
Lincoln Goes to War
Lesson Plan: The Civil War
The Civil War Through a Child's Eye
Civil War Lesson Plans from the National Archives
Harriet Tubman Scavenger Hunt
American Hero: Harriet Tubman
MrDonn.org Collection of Civil War related Lesson Plans
Nice Collection of Activies, Readings and Quizzes
Civil War for 5th Graders
Civil War Project
Abraham Lincoln Lesson Plans


The Civil War for 5th Graders
The Civil War for Kids
Collection of Links and Resources from KidInfo
General Civil War Sites

Web 2.0 Ideas

If Lincoln Had PowerPoint


Civil War Webquest
Civil War Webquest 2
Civil War Webquest 3
Civil War Webquest 4
North vs. South Wequest
The American Civil War