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Teaching the Civil War with Technology
  • Civil War Music – Rosin the Bow Jan 14, 2018
    Rosin the Bow  “Rosin the Bow” is an American folk song popular in the 19th century, probably of British or Irish origin, first published in Philadelphia during 1838. The song refers to rosining the bow of a violin, and the tune h...
  • General Reynolds and Kate Hewett Jan 5, 2018
    A Secret Civil War Engagement At the time that he was killed during the first day of the battle, John Reynolds was secretly engaged to a woman by the name of Kate Hewett. His family did not even know about Kate. But when Reynolds’ body was r...
  • Merry Christmas – Civil War Santa Claus Dec 24, 2017
    Thomas Nast and the Original Santa Claus Clement C. Moore’s famous poem “The Night Before Christmas” was published in 1823 and gave us a unique image of St. Nick.  What many don’t know is that it wasn’t until 186...
  • Thomas Nast – Christmas Eve Dec 24, 2017
    Taking a moment to think of those who cannot be with their families this Holiday Season.  The following image is by Thomas Nast and was published in the January 3, 1863 edition of Harper’s Weekly.
  • Major Sullivan Ballou and the Letter to His Wife Sarah Dec 15, 2017
  • AL Coble Rock Carving in Gettysburg Nov 30, 2017
    Finding rock carvings is a great way to explore the Gettysburg Battlefield.  One of my favorites is the AL Coble rock carving in the area of Spangler’s Spring.  AL Coble was 20-year-old Augustus L. Coble of Company E of the 1st Nor...
  • Hands On Civil War History Projects Nov 9, 2017
  • The Civil War in Color Nov 3, 2017
    As many of you know, I love to colorize original Civil War era photographs as a way to relax.  I call them my “adult coloring books.”  I have also created two tutorial videos so you can learn to create your own colorizations....
  • Civil War Music – Jenny Get Your Hoecake Sep 21, 2017
    Jenny Get Your Hoe Cake by the 2nd South Carolina String Band  This song was written in 1840 by Joel Walker Sweeney. It was published with the title, “Jenny Get Your Hoe Cake Done, the Celebrated banjo song, as sung with great Applause ...
  • Civil War Sallie Learning about Civil War Music Sep 14, 2017
    Civil War Sallie is in Gettysburg learning about Civil War-era music with the Irish Volunteer David Kincaid and a group of fifers and drummers.